PlayStation State of Play Impression

Having skipped E3 again this year, I was expecting their first State of Play to be a bit more, “grand”. While I think it was a decent event overall, with some titles that caught my attention that I wasn’t expecting, it wasn’t anything that really “wowed” me. In case you missed it and want to watch it, here you go:

So, what exactly did they show off. Here is a quick list:

While not everything was necessarily new, I’d say that is a fairly decent list of titles they covered. The new titles that I hadn’t heard about that caught my eye were F.I.S.T., Jett: The Far Shore, and Lost Judgement. F.I.S.T. just looks like a fun metoridvania style game. Jett: The Far Shore looks like a fun Sci-Fi exploration game with interesting flight mechanics and ground exploration. Lost Judgement really gave me some strong Yakuza vibes with a more serious undertone.

As for what I was already aware of, but happy to see more of are Sifu, Death Stranding Directors Cut, and Deathloop. Sifu I’m hoked just because of the fluid martial arts combat. The added fact that when the character dies, they age some and gets back up, is also a very interesting game mechanic. Roguelike, but not exactly. The Death Stranding Directors Cut has really caught my attention. While the original release was just odd to me, this Directors Cut just brings it to the nth degree of odd. They package launcher and racing. Racing! Deathloop caught my eye because of the Groundhog’s Day inspiration mixed the goal of taking out several targets to break the loop. All while trying to avoid another player who’s only goal is to take you out so you have to start all over. The new information that you can get special upgrades that can make is so that it will take more then one death to reset the day is making me even more curious.

Am I bummed they didn’t cover any of their other mainstream titles, sure; but all in all, I think it was a decent State of Play by itself. To be fair to PlayStation, they didn’t advertise it being a huge showcase anyway at 30 minutes long. Hopefully they have more as the year goes on covering more of their mainstream titles. Namely Final Fantasy XVI. I really want to find out more about Final Fantasy XVI.

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