Nintendo Announces New Switch OLED Model

I can’t say I was expecting Nintendo to announce their new Nintendo Switch OLED model so under the radar. After learning it is just a new model of the Switch with some enhancements and not a next gen upgrade, it made a bit more sense to me. Also explains some the negative responses I was seeing on social media.

So what exactly is different about this new Switch model? First and foremost, this is not a next gen hardware upgrade, so no need for existing Switch owners to be concerned about upgrading just yet to play new games. Instead, and the way I see it, this model is geared more towards new Switch owners or existing Switch owners who will primarily play games handheld and want the best possible experience. To do this, Nintendo designed this model with a 7.0″ OLED display, a wide adjustable stand, 64 GB of internal memory, and enhanced speakers. The dock for this model also sports a built in LAN port. Other then those, it’s the same internal hardware.

So, why the negativity on social media? Well, earlier this year, there were leaks regarding a “Switch” with an OLED display. Some fans took this information and started setting expectations this meant that Nintendo is working on a next gen Switch. The expectations got worse when rumors emerged that Nintendo was going to announce it either before E3 or during. Imagine their surprise when nothing was announced and then this announcement comes out of nowhere.

I’d wager that Nintendo is already planning there next gen system, they just aren’t planning on releasing anything new yet. The Switch is still selling very well and they have a bunch of new titles announced for the Switch. Just doesn’t make sense to try and switch everyone to a next gen system yet. Maybe next year.

Do I plan on getting this new OLED model? Nope. Sure, it features some great upgraded; but I primarily play on my Switch in console mode. If I primarily played my Switch on the go, I’d consider upgrading. The few times I had to play handheld, I did wish the display was better. I just don’t play it handheld enough, so the upgrades don’t really benefit me. Unless you have $349.99 to burn and really want a better handheld experience then your current Switch, then it is something to consider. If you are still considering buying your first Switch and plan on playing it handheld for the most part, this is something to consider for $50 more then the original model and $100 more then the Lite model. Just depends on your budget.

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