2022 Personal Update

Well, I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus, again. Admittedly, was really hoping 2021 would have been better year than 2020, but it really proved me wrong. Working full-time, wrapping up my bachelor’s degree program, dealing with the pandemic, and losing more family this year, it’s been rough.

Really hoping to turn some things around and spend more time enjoying this year. Part of that will be to work more on the blog and start streaming again. I just got a Blue Yeti Nano, which is a huge improvement over my built-in webcam mic. Also upgraded my monitor to a Samsung 32″ Odessey G7 gaming display. Doesn’t really impact streaming but looks amazing compared to my 10-year-old 24″ LCD display. It does have the added benefit of having an available HDMI port I can now use for my consoles though, so thinking about opening up more streaming options.

I have what I need, just need to make the time. It’s never too late to course correct. Just need to start.

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