Animal Crossing to the Rescue

I have to say, Animal Crossing New Horizons releasing when it did, couldn’t have come at a better time. Between dealing with a family emergency (not COVID-19 related) and COVID-19 due to my asthma, AC has been the perfect distraction for me.

Between just walking around the island, fishing, catching bugs, planting flowers, or just taking in the calm cute nature of the game, this has been a welcoming break from reality. I’ve been making some decent progress even. I unlocked the full museum, the store, and a bigger house yesterday. I was finally able to get rid of the clusters of fish, bugs, and fossils I’ve been hording while I was waiting for it to finish. Have to say, I really like the new museum design. Really looking forward to completing it and just spending time in there.

I’m just going to take my time and enjoy it will working through everything. Really happy the game released when it did.

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