Streaming Switcheroo

While helping with a family emergency away from home, I had some time to think about how I would start streaming. While I still like the idea of being likely easier to find in Mixer and what tech Microsoft decided to use for their system, I realized I know more people on Twitch who are all part of an online community that I’m also part of. I honestly think I just got way to caught up on the shiny new tech that I completely forgot about that detail. Makes a difference.

After actually thinking this through, I’m just going to start off on Twitch. Even better, I was finally able to recover my original Twitch account finally so I can have the username I originally wanted. To start this whole thing, I’ve decided I’m going to play through Alien: Isolation. Picked that up on Steam last weekend when it was on sale for $2. I completely expect this to be a nerve wrecking experience to be completely honest. I played a little of the game already to make sure my game settings were good. The first damn part when you wake up on the ship was honestly freaking me out already as I was expecting the game to throw the alien at me already. Wasn’t until I saw the crew that I started to calm down some. Yep, this will be “fun”. I’ll post out when I get that started.

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