Saving DC in The Division 2

I never did get into The Division when it first released; but The Division 2 for a few bucks, why not. Especially after I heard it is fairly solo friendly.

For those unsure of how The Division 2 plays like, it is an online third person shooter set in the post-viral outbreak ruins of DC. In the game, you are a member of The Division, which I can best describe as an elite military group with the goal of protecting those that have survived the viral outbreak and helping humanity recover. As a member of this group, you travel across DC, helping The Division and civilian settlements through quests for resources or taking out hostile groups/targets.

As an online game, you can group up to help with quests and general map events. Fortunately for me, the game was setup so you don’t have to group if you don’t want to. I’d imagine they would all be a bit easier with other players, but I haven’t gone there yet. I’m a bit of a “lone ranger”. Maybe one day I’ll brave sending out a flare or answering to a call for backup.

Either way, the game is just fine. The graphics are great and the weather effects are amazing. Unless I’m going crazy, I swear the rain varies in intensity. Same as fog. Just adds a nice touch to make the game world feel more unique. The settlements and how you can improve them via missions and providing supplies is also nice. It’s one thing to progress a story, but to also see how that progress effects the game world is always an added bonus for me. Helps me feel like I’m making more a difference.

All in all, that was a few bucks well spent.

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