PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X

Sony vs Microsoft, PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X, hyperbolic fandom vs reality, and how PC’s are far superior. Honestly, who cares? Those who are avid PlayStation fans, are going to buy the PlayStation 5. Those who are avid Xbox fans, are going to buy the Xbox Series X. All while there will be the constant back and forth as to which is better. Hmm, now where have I heard this all before, hmmm (PlayStation 2 vs Xbox, PlayStation 3 vs Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One). War, war never changes.

Okay, so I might be a little tired of the constant back and forth. Can’t say my Twitter feed is helping either. Sarcasm aside, this at least helps speak to the constant competition between Microsoft and Sony (purposefully leaving Nintendo out of this as I feel they have moved into their own niche), which is a good thing. Competition helps drive a company to bring their ‘A’ game. In the case of Microsoft and Sony, I think they have. Both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X look like solid systems, each with their own advantages.

While the tech geeks are geeking out about teraflops, I really don’t think that is going to a factor in what your average console game cares about regarding which system they buy. Ultimately, I really think it will just come down to what games the gamer cares about, which system it is releasing on, and systems they have previously owned.

In the case of the Xbox Series X, the biggest buy factor that I feel it is has is the fact it can play Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One games out of the box. I decided too skip the Xbox One this last go around; but this backwards compatibility alone has me really considering getting an Xbox Series X. I still have plenty of Xbox and Xbox 360 games that I find myself pulling out my older systems from time to time to play; but being able to just play them all on one system, I’m sold. Outside of that, I don’t have any other reason to get one considering that Microsoft has been releasing a fair number of their big releases on PC recently and I have a gaming rig.

In the case of PlayStation 5, lets face it, they have the exclusives when comparing it’s library against Xbox; and those exclusives are very much AAA titles that very much deserve that classification. God of War, Spider-Man, The Last of Us, Uncharted, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Ghost of Tsushima to name a few. They are just amazing games that I honestly feel a little bad for those that haven’t had a chance to play them. Especially if any of those games fall into a given gamer’s wheelhouse. For me, it is the games alone that will likely drive me to eventually getting a PlayStation 5. Granted, I’ll likely wait for PlayStation 5 Slim as the current design is a bit of a beast. That, and I’ll give the system some time to go through it’s growing pains and ideally get a more stable system.

Here is my prediction, both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are going to sell well. One will likely edge out over the other; but I predict both will do just fine. As the prices haven’t been released yet, I’m not sure which one might do better. Suspect which ever is the cheapest, will likely edge out the other. Considering there is a pure digital PlayStation 5, I’m thinking that will be the least expensive next gen system, so I’m leaning PlayStation; but time will tell once the prices are officially released. Either way, I’m looking forward to what this next generation has to offer.

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