The Age of Re-Releases

Is it just me, or does it seem like there are more remakes/remastered video games releasing and being announced? I wager that isn’t actually the case, but there are so many that have either been released over the last couple years or all those still in the making. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving these new chances to play games I either missed or just hadn’t played in years. Just starting to feel a bit overwhelmed with all this nostalgia and history I want to revisit and wondering at what point this will slow down, if ever.

I absolutely loved playing The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening remake Nintendo released last year on the Switch. For me, this was the game that really got me into gaming in the first place all the way back on the Gameboy all those years ago. I played that game from start to finish so many times, I could 100% this game within 4 hours. Not speed run worthy, but a definite show of how much I loved that game. Now to play it again in all new 3D graphics and new sound, yet still look and feel like the original, it was amazing. Heck, they even threw in a few minor changes that gave the game some new appeal like the reworked claw game, fishing game, and waterfall raft ride. They even tweaked a few bosses that threw me off so much I felt like I never fought them. This to me is what a remake should be. Taking a gamer back into the past to relive those gaming moments that captured them originally. Why I’m also looking forward to the Diablo II: Resurrected release.

Now, not all of these re-releases have to be games I played for me to be interested. Full disclosure, I did buy the Super Mario 3D All-Stars game Nintendo also released last year that came with remasters of Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy. While they didn’t remake the games with new graphics, they did at least remaster the games so they could be played on HD TV’s. It was nice to relive Super Mario 64, but I never actually played Sunshine or Galaxy, so it was nice finally getting a chance to play these without having to find an emulator or used copies. Heck, even the Enhanced Edition re-releases of Baldur’s Gate and Baldur’s Gate II were a must have. I admittedly got into the D&D RPG scene much later in my gaming history. My first run in with that type of rule set was Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on the Xbox. Not really a D&D game, but the first one with that playstyle and similar rule set. After seeing they were releasing remastered versions to run on current gen hardware, I could pass up playing a bit of history that help shape some of the more current RPG’s I’ve played like Pillars of Eternity.

While I’m not one to argue these games shouldn’t be remade, it does make me wonder at what point is it to much? Case in point for me, Mass Effect Legendary Edition. True, the Mass Effect trilogy came out on the Xbox 360 and that was a while ago, it wasn’t a game that really suffered graphics wise. You can definitely clean it up some, but I remember the game already looking amazing. The game never hit me as genre defining series either. I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t a series that really stuck out to me like other series. Now, after realizing I was only looking at it through my eyes, I didn’t consider there are newer generations who never got to play it, and there are some gamers who’s love of video games was helped shaped by this series. Also makes sense since EA announced a new “sequel” is in the works. Give gamers another chance to play through the original trilogy and get caught up before the new game releases. All my thoughts mean is that this isn’t a re-make for me. The same goes for the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword remake releasing this year on the Switch. There were aspects I loved about that game, but here is also a fair amount of things I just didn’t enjoy and made me feel like the game was rushed. For those who loved it or never played it, have at it and enjoy it. Me, I’m going to pass.

Re-releases, remakes, remasters, they are all the same. They let veteran players revisit their fondest memories of days past, and the let newcomers see what games came before to help shape what they play today. To be honest, I’m all for games getting re-released and don’t expect it to ever really slow down. There will always be gamers who would love to relive those gaming moments that helped define them and those who were to young even play certain games. While it’s hard to see how more recent titles will be re-released, I can see it happen 10 or so years down the road. Are re-release for everyone, nope; but for those they are for, have at em. Relive those memories, revisit the past, or learn about the origins. Most importantly, enjoy.

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