Resident Evil Showcase Aftermath

Okay, watched Capcom’s Resident Evil Showcase, so now, the aftermath. As to be expected, Resident Evil Village was the highlight of the event. While the story is still being kept in the dark somewhat, we know that our main protagonist, Ethan Winters, is looking for his infant daughter. Similar to Resident Evil 7, this game will be played in first person and still looks creepy as hell. As to be expected, there will be plenty of puzzles and surprises; but it does look like combat is getting a little revamp from RE7. Definitely looks like there will be more of a focus on combat with this one that is reminding me very much of Resident Evil 4. Namely, you will encounter multiple enemies at a time, but you won’t be mowing them down. You’ll have to be smart and take advantage of weaknesses and the environment. Also helps that Village has an inventory system inspired by RE4’s; and they are bringing back the merchant who is called The Duke. Definitely hitting all the right notes for me.

How Village ties into Resident Evil 7 is still unknown, but I’m perfectly fine with that. Would rather play it and find out for myself, which won’t be much longer. Resident Evil Village will be releasing on May 7, 2021 on PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, with pre-orders starting today.

Now, Resident Evil Village wasn’t the only item discussed. Also coming out soon is RE: Verse, a pure multiplayer game featuring just about every iconic character across the RE franchise duking it out. This includes both human characters and the bioweapons like Nemesis. I’m not a big fan of multiplayer, but I admit that even I’m curious about this one. More importantly, if you pre-order Village, you will get this for free. No mention of cost for those that don’t pre-order Village though.

They also announced Resident Evil crossover event with The Division 2. Going on from February 2nd to February 15th, you will get Leon Kennedy’s police outfit from RE2 just for logging in. You will also be able to collect other RE outfits and weapons through what I’m assuming will be in-game events as well. I’m going to have re-install The Division 2 now.

Honorable mention, they briefly covered the new Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness animated movie releasing on Netflix that will feature Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield as the main protagonists. They also clarified that this movie takes place after RE4 to help put into context with the series. Unfortunately, no mention of the live action miniseries or the movies.

In case you missed and want to watch it, here it is:

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