Twitch Streaming Update

Okay, really need to finish out my Diablo III playthrough; but I think my first go at streaming was a decent success. While my average viewers never peaked 2, the fact that I streamed in the first place is a huge success for me. I think what helped somewhat was not every stream went as smooth as I would have liked. Some technical issues I had to figure out with audio and lighting, but things I’m at least learning. Knowing I had some rough streams, helped me feel like I got that out of the way. Nothing else to do but improve form this point.

While I’m basically working off of a “budget” streaming setup, I’m at least figuring out where best to focus future purchases. Case in point, while my camera is decent, it is an older HD Logitech camera I wouldn’t mind upgrading. Before that though, I really need to get better lighting. I don’t have a dedicated streaming space in my house, so lighting isn’t the most ideal. However, I decent light behind my display will make a world of difference. Next up, a decent dedicated mic. Started off using my headset mic, but found out it was way to quite. Didn’t matter what I tweaked, I couldn’t boost it and it was just way to soft. For now, I switched to my camera mic, but started doing some research into desktop mics.

Finding out both of these aren’t going to be cheap with what I would like to get, I feel like I’ve at least gotten my current setup to work as best as I can. Could likely make some additional tweaks like finetuning my audio streams, but I’m happy where it is at. To be completely honest, the NVIDIA Broadcast app and Soundtrack by Twitch have a lot to do with it. NVIDIA Broadcast does exactly what it says and does it very well. I don’t have a greenscreen and don’t plan on getting one, and I can get only myself in the stream without any of my background. The noise filter works perfectly. My wife’s computer is close to mine and she games also. I’ve been amazed at how well it filters out her games. If you have a GeForce RXT 2060 or higher, I definitely recommend giving it a try. Soundtrack by Twitch, while not a necessity and as a new streamer, it is nice to be able to add some music to my non-gaming scenes without having to worry if what I’m playing will get me in trouble or not. Not something I want to deal with as a new streamer though.

I’ll likely try to pickup Diablo III within the next few days as I’m so close to beating it. Once I beat that, I got to think about what I’ll stream next. Thinking about streaming a bunch of the games in my backlog I’ve never gotten to. Figure that is a good way to at least play them and maybe even help introduce them to other gamers. Not sure if I’ll do any other full game playthroughs necessarily, but we shall see. Remember, subscribe to my Twitch channel or follow me on Twitter to see when I’m streaming. No schedule yet as my real life schedule is fairly sporadic.

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