PS4 Paris Games 2017 Trailers

Have to say, I’m very excited about all the new trailer released by Sony at Paris Games 2017.

Sony Paris Games Week 2017

Between the new Spider-Man, God of War, and The Last of Us Part II, it is hard to say which one I’m looking most forward to.

I’m a huge Spider-Man fan and haven’t played a Spider-Man game in quite some time. Between the this years E3 trailer and this new one, I’m really liking what I’m seeing so far. While the E3 trailer showcase more of the gameplay, this new teaser showed a bit more of the story elements. Really curious how Miles Morales is going to play into the game.

What interests me about the new God of War is what reminds me of Last of Us. Really looking forward to how the interaction between Kratos and his new son Atreus will play out. I also have a feeling that the game is going for a more mature atmosphere. Not mature in the sense of violence, but more mature in the sense of “growing up”. I loved the original God of War series, but very much felt that it was targeted towards a younger, still maturing audience. With the existing trailers and this one, I’m thinking we will get to see a deeper side to Kratos.

As for The Last of Us Part II, I’m still not certain what to exactly think. Having just played the first one a few months ago for the first time on my PS4, I’m really looking forward to the continuation of the story. Just curious who each of the characters shown are. Not having seen any other trailers yet for The Last of Us Part II just yet, I’m immediately curious if the woman being hung is Ellie. If so, where is Joel?

Other trailers that caught my interest include the new Detroit: Become Human and Shadow of the Colossus remake trailers. The idea behind Detroit: Becoming Human is interesting to me as I’m a big fan of this kind of futuristic settings. Shadow of the Colossus I’m interested to see how this remake goes as I loved the original. Definitely appreciate the fact that they are rebuilding the game essentially and not just giving the original engine a cleaner look.

Definitely a good day for PS4 fans.

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